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  4. First successful race held on Friday night! Thanks to all who showed up - Hopefully see you at the next one soon!
  5. A thought I had tonight is that it would be neat if we could access the in-game car radio within a cell phone app. There are times when I'm walking around or hanging out in my house when it would be nice to listen to the in-game radio. Would this be possible in a future update?
  6. Last week
  7. Fucking love this idea, much needed to create a night scene in the city, Team Cat Cafe on top
  8. Hello.... Im OGHD im a small roleplayer who has been doing it around 4 years now hopping from place to place trying to find somewhere suitable for me. I do streams on the side were i stream said roleplays and try to get a small following to watch and enjoy my stupid scenes as ive had very funny characters in the past you will get to meet like Carlos The Taco Man and Other funny characters to like Poppadum Paul i get very emmerisive with my characters so they all have different voices and backgrounds so please dont be offended when me the british guy is playing a indian or a mexican character as its all for the fun for people to find out who i really am. I hope to get strong within this community and grow every day and hopefully get to roleplay with everyone here Thats 1 minute see you again tomorrow Im joking if u get the joke u get it but Hope to see u all in rp YaBoiOGHD
  9. Would be good to see something like this in city. Did hear something while back about the devs working on a racing scene/update and I thought that's what the warehouse on the docks was aimed at. +1
  10. Only thing that's actually missing from the city, great idea!
  11. Great idea! Hope this gets whitelisted. +1 fo sho
  12. Earlier
  13. +1 needed racing in the city for a while
  14. I think this is an amazing opportunity to add more rp to the server since there is not loads of rp opportunities about this seems like a good place to start the rebirth of rp on the server
  15. We all love a good car, but STRP lacks the opportunity to have a good racing scene which has been proven to thrive in other cities. I love the idea of cash prizes and maybe even car giveaways. I'm sure the rest of Los Santos would love this idea and could be good for STRP to bring in such scene. Good luck!
  16. Honestly I think this is a brilliant idea . It Will definitely encourage bringing more people together in the city and giving the opportunity to build new exiting relationships within it. I know for sure there is a lot of Car crazy people in the city , so this will be perfect for them to express their love for cars and get that adrenaline rush that some crave for too ! Good luck
  17. As a car fanatic in the city i feel this would add an excellent opportunity for further RP in the city and the potential for prizes will be an awesome incentive! I wouls love to see this idea get whitelisted. Deffo +1
  18. Idea: LSU started as just a few friends racing around the state who eventually got bored and decided to branch out bringing more people in. Want a real reason to have great cars? Want to feel the rush of pure adrenaline, nitrous and gasoline? Join us at Los Santos Underground. Our plan is to be a growing community of racers and fans for real prizes, be that racing for slips or money. We also aim to be able to provide citizens of LS with awesome cars! We will be trading, buying, selling and primarily renting vehicles to civilians. Come down for a few races, see how you like it. Join Los Santos Underground Exclusive for 50k for awesome perks in the future! These perks include, private events, parties, pre-paid for parties, possible giveaways, access to a selection of rental vehicles for free and much more to come! *All of this is subject to how well the company is doing. If we get a constant stream of interest and a good roleplaying environment all perks (LSUE and normal) will be adjusted accordingly. Hang around with us enough? You might be offered a spot on the LSU committee, granting you more access to the underground and becoming an official member of the LSU management team. During events to save some people from boredom we will be having multiple races running at once depending on how many people want to join an event. We will have a maximum of 50 racer slots per event. However, this is subject to change depending on the event type. Some LSUE events will be lowered to raise the possible prize pool. Committee members + will organise the events accordingly. To join the LSU company you must meet the following requirements: Must have Los Santos Citizenship (longer than 2 weeks in the city) Be able to work as a team. Be able to work in a hierarchy. A good ability to interact with citizens. Potential HQ: LSCM building: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/LS_Car_Meet https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/car-meet-parking-lot-interior-mlo-fivem-sp Requests: A garage at the back and gas pump inside if possible Storage at the tattoo truck for prizes to be stored OR: Los Santos Dealership: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/los-santo-s-dealership-ymap Progression: Drivers - Champions - Mechs - Committee - Race managers - Executive - Owner Drivers are people who we are scouting to see if they deserve a sponsorship from LSU. Usually these people will be well known drivers in the community or unknown drivers who we believe might have a chance at going large in the racing scene. Champions are people who’ve passed their scouting period and have been sponsored by the LSU. This sponsorship allows them free access to LSUE, access to a private garage. Mechs are the mechanics of the group. Working on cars for the racers and running the tow team during events. The committee is the first management team. They are expected to be the primary advertisers for the races and the company. They will also be the primary group running the shop. Race managers are as simple as it states. They’re more trusted in the company thus are given the role of managing all the races alongside the executives and owner. This group will usually be in the primary radio channel during events for people to contact for assistance. Team’s can be funded and made by anyone. Select races will have entry fees or reputation limits. Such as larger events sponsored by other companies. I hope this will encourage more people to work on getting a racing team together and have the companies they work for fund it. Examples of these teams could be a team sponsored by pearls, galaxy, lost etc. LS Underground will sponsor anyone we deem worthy of a sponsorship, supplying them with race vehicles, race crew and their record will be shown on the LSU bulletin. All race teams sponsored by a company will be advertised in the LSU bulletin. Executives are the primary managers of everything. They will be the ones in charge of gathering vehicles for the racers and store. They will be the ones to greenlight most events and will be in charge of running the LSUE events. The owner is simply that. The one who runs the entire company and is in charge of everything that goes on with the events and store. The owner will also assist getting cars and getting deals with other companies to hopefully get more people to sponsor racers and events. NOTE DRIVERS, CHAMPIONS AND MECHS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE PART OF THE COMPANY WE WILL SPONSOR PEOPLE FROM OTHER GROUPS/BUSINESSES.
  19. Texture Loss in GTA V / FiveM Servers Do you have texture issues in FiveM? This is common with lots of FiveM / GTA V servers which are using custom textures, maps or vehicles as they require more video memory due to them being loaded in your game at all times. To fix this, you should try the below settings. Go to your pause menu Navigate to Settings Navigate to Graphics Scroll to Extended Texture Budget Increase your Extended Texture Budget (This should be below your Video Memory Maxmium bar) If this still doesn't fix your issue, then you can try setting Texture Quality to "Normal" or "High", as this will lower the amount of memory your textures require in-game. This will allow you to have a smoother gameplay without many hitches, or FPS loss while playing in the city.
  20. Since they're in town it's good to see a tow truck actually show up to my tow-request, instead of it just disappearing. Always love interacting with these guys, they bring some great RP! Keeps the streets clean and they help citizens in need. Plus they save me having to hand out fix kits, I just tell them to call Go&Tow
  21. I'd never need them because of my insane driving skills, but +1.
  22. This has been sorted now, just to clarify they are allowed.
  23. In a skale of 1/10 how good is this server

  24. I'm brand new to town, but making my first cash in the towing business. I'm have a lot of fun with it at the moment. Might be looking into applying for tow&go once i've got a little more mileage under me. UPDATE: I've since joined the Tow & Go family. Been a great experience so far.
  25. Zeno

    Tow Trucking

    +1 Love the idea and should definitely promote ideas like this!
  26. We try and arrive promptly, its a shame that the current system doesnt keep a log of where those impound request are if you miss the notification
  27. there are broken cars in the middel of the streets but as soon we tweet it out or mark for impound you guys are there
  28. +1 Whenever my car breaks down these guys got me. High Quality RP from all employees I've met so far. No wrecked cars in a middle of intersections.
  29. Thanks everyone for their support, @KevinOBis there anything you need from us or just to wait?
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