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  3. Me and Jonah have been playing the city for over a year and have had an idea to open up a night club for a month or so now and with the Help of Tommy/Evan Stark who has been in the city for months now we believe we have a great concept and business plan for the Club. We stumbled upon this venue on the 29th of June and we got a few people around to discuss this idea and they all said it was brilliant. The idea we had was to turn this venue into a : - Non hostile environment for all to come visit and enjoy, almost like a place to chill out as the city can be hectic at times. - We will have multiple strippers on the 2 poles on the stage, we will have security just in case things turn hostile (as sometimes things get hostile in clubs) - The security will always have Zip ties to escort anyone like this off the premises. - We have also had an idea of a bar man as there is a bar that can be turned into a fully functional drinking station for people to enjoy. - Private dances in the vip rooms for those more interested in a different kind or RP obviously 18+ Me and Jonah would co own this place and then Tommy Stark would be our head of operations /CEO of the business, the main thing we want for people to do here is to make new RP situations that no one has been in as this is a new idea for the city. We also believe this would take strain off Pillbox and uWu café as this would be more of a place to chill rather than get food or get healed. We also want this to be a fully open business and a strict system and code will implemented in the business for things like staff committing crimes when they are not working for example because we are not in control of peoples actions when they are not working. We will make this a non hostile environment. We will have DJs playing inside that will be playing different music depending on the night but this will be on a set poster. Also we would take an upfront payment on the door for an entry fee and if people want alcoholic drinks they would pay and if they customers are feeling a little naughty, they could pay one of the women or men for a private dance. We not only want this to be a women only workers because I and other management feel that would be quite misogynistic and we would like to also invite male strippers not only for women but for some men that are homosexual. WE ARE STRICTLY LEAVING ANY MYSOGONY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT AT THE DOOR - IT IS NOT COMING INSIDE OUR BUISNESS, ANYTHING OF THIS MATTER WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED AND WILL BE DEALT WITH IN CITY AND OOC! We have many more ideas that are up for talks that will be implemented after this idea is ran through Gods :). As for staff we have a few people in mind that can be management, bar members - and i would be the Head DJ and we could also hire other DJs for set nights for different music as people enjoy lots of types of music. As for pay we would pay all of our staff members a cut off the profit we make from drinks, door payment and private dances and all profits that goes through the businesses finances - this would be handed out when the business reaches a income milestone like half a million or a million dollars in sales or Bi-Weekly / Monthly depending on how sales go at the beginning. One of our management called Tommy Stark said he can set out SOP's up so anyone that has signed the contract where when they sign it so any crimes or anything illegal that a employee commits then the business is not liable and cannot harmed by PD in anyway unless gang members or any citizen of Los Santos brings too the business, we are not responsible for peoples actions we can only attempt too stop them with our guidelines and club rules. If illegal business is conducted on club premises then PD have all rights too make an arrest, club workers will always report illegal activities as we are a straight and narrow business. Again we cannot stress this enough when employees are off premises and are not at work we are not responsible for there actions so there actions will reflect on them and not the image of the business, however of course if a employee has a active BOLO on them or are being hunted by pd etc then the PD have all right too arrest a employee, this will all be stated in the employees contract and the business Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) . Anyone can work here. We also may have a uWu café food strain coming through our business that will supply food for customers in the nightclub, but that is going to be ran through Evan Stark and the UwU Upper Managers like Mr Fred Fisher for example.(TBC) Thanks Jonah Dylan, Kai Laverty and Tommy/Evan Stark
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  5. Sojobo

    Version 3.2.5

    Version 3.2.5 Vangelico loot tables updated and buffed Clean cash added to green armoured trucks Several backend updates Fishing images fixed Doorlocks updated to support hidden locks and more Criminal Class 2 updates - Class 2s on reboot are back for everyone based on turf ownerships - Redzones no longer give bonuses to class 2 drops on reboot - Redzones provide class 2 drops throughout the day randomly Map updates and fixes - Hornbills strip club added - Fight club added - AOD map updated - Redwood/oil updates Several boosting fixes and updates - Identifiers now visible in the tablet - Boosted vehicles that are not returned to the garage will now be deleted correctly - Other fixes Several Roulette fixes - Placing multiple bets should now reliably pay out correctly - Standing up from a table will no longer prevent a payout
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  8. Honestly same bro, I was taking my dog for a walk on Vespucci beach then Syndicate came over and fed my dog chocolate, kicked my nan then stole my car.. despicable behaviour and no place for it in the city.
  9. Sorry to hear that better luck next time
  10. the situation in the city rn with syndicate is off the roof.. I was going with a friend to a clothing store and out of nowhere 2 syndicate cars decided to chase us, didn't even initiate a conversion or anything. while we were running away we saw 2 police cars and went to them for help but the response we got was them running away. its honestly really frustrating to keep going and I'm not the only one who thinks like that.
  11. M0RG4N

    Version 3.2.4

    Version 3.2.4 Street Team The street team has moved into the city, with their passion for cars and street racing they claim to be the most skilled drivers and mechanics from all around Los Santos (may even go as far as to say more skilled then Barry Hardrod himself). Their base of operations is a big warehouse at the voodoo docks where they offer alcohol, mechanical repairs/performance upgrades and a 'social hub' to hang out and chill with others (I believe they also got some pool tables for some enjoyment). Inside Track Inside track has been brought back with bug fixes/improvements Rules section has been updated to explain odds of the game, min/max bets, etc General Life Lotto car reward has changed to a Jaguar P7 Meth and Coke Lab were moved (old news now) Labs now require a specific 'item' for entry, this can be found at the black market Miscellaneous Fixed an issue where hospital beds were stuck as occupied Updated 'F10 Guide' controls section to explain 'K' to open trunks & glovebox Fixed Tattoos getting removed when taking out a car from a house garage Fixed issue with house garage sending players to 0,0,0 coords (not the tornado issue thats still a thing) Updated compensation storage so it has more then just 5 slots as this was not sufficient for some compensation requests Added new attire for various gangs e.g Syndicate, Families & Kindred Updated banned words for twitter PD Tahoe handling changes PD Hellcat trunk and Expedition fixed Re-added Jordans shoes for male Fixed Jet Ski trunk access Lost MC were relocated to Route 68 Updated old marketplace query Fixed error with trew hud reporting nil Banking transactions to only fetch 7 days from db Boosted cars can no longer be pulled out from impound once impounded Price adjustments to rf scanner and atm hacker within gang stores along with crafting timing changes Copper rarity increased and copper wire weight increased
  12. Title of post should be your medic’s FIRST & LAST NAME - Transfer Ex. Katya Smirnoff - Transfer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are offering an opportunity to experience our other district at your same rank, this is for Paramedic+. You must understand that this does not run the same as EU and the call volume is much smaller. This is not a free chance to go over and screw around, if you are found legitimately paycheck farming, you will be blacklisted in both districts. If you are inactive, you are at risk for removal without question, meaning we will not hunt your down or make you show up as you know and should understand your responsibilities. At this point you may not return. Out Of Character ( OOC ) 1.) Name: 2.) Discord Username #0000 (copy your full tag): 4.) Country and Time zone (NA, EU, AU, AS) & (PST, CST, EST, or GMT+): In Character ( IC ) 1.) Full Name: 3.) How long have you been a medic?: 4.) Rank 5. Is this a full transfer to NA or do you intend to stay in both districts? 6.) Do you understand that you can be removed from your position in the Los Santos Medical Department at any time for any reason? 7.) Signature:
  13. Any update on B Boosts?
  14. PhilM

    Version 3.2.3

    can you add an atm to Lost compound considering it makes more sense? we are a business and have to send people away to get cash for upgrades. thanks
  15. bratva and kindred HQ so easy to cap with no ATM but Ballas HQ takes 2 hours with 20 people selling meth to 1 local. Add ATM to ballas HQ please
  16. P89

    Version 3.2.3

    Hopefully no more Danny on log in!!
  17. Sojobo

    Version 3.2.3

    Version 3.2.3 The civilian hellcat has been updated and replaced Hellcats and Demons now have new engine sounds Generic dogtag images replaced - fixing missing images for some gangs ATMs were added to the Kindred & Bratva HQs Reloading while inside vehicles has been fixed Several furniture issues within housing fixed, including being unable to remove furniture after emptying them Fixes to our compensation system Additional fixes to the garage system Doorlock system replaced (hopefully fixes the issue of not seeing doorlocks on login) Potential fix to logging in as a Danny
  18. Nearby emotes fixed letsss goooooo also can you fix poleto impound can’t pull cars from there
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