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  1. Sojobo

    Version 3.1.6

    Version 3.1.6 Added Rent wallet options to apartments Fixed house robbery XP gains Apartment storage sizes increased Max police fine increased back to $250k Gangs are no longer given a free turf on their HQ (this only affects older gangs) Inventory weight issues fixed 2 new turfs added to the South & North ends of the Land Act Reservoir Police and Medic panic buttons removed Police & Medics now auto-panic when they lose conciousness Removed the ability to request backup to your own department in the CAD menu Removed the ability to request backup when dead or cuffed in the CAD Competitive races start time moved back 1 hour and target event time doubled Competitive race classes should now more evenly be split between classes
  2. Sojobo

    Version 3.1.3

    Version 3.1.3 Fixes to house storage reliability issues All cars have been placed into racing classes based purely on their drag racing performance - We'll manually move cars between classes based on track performance moving forward - You can see a full list of all current classes here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yWt_i20X7SbLWEjx-n9yZJDzguZg3K62TjZK3GBNCLo/edit?usp=sharing Fixed issue that wasn't giving VIPs their increased outfit slots Fixed issue that was capping police cars at 157mph Fixed issue where gang bases could not be broken into
  3. Sojobo

    Version 3.1.2

    Version 3.1.2 Fixes: Potential fix to vehicles freezing in place Additions: - New storage items added to ikea - New X Class added to racing tablet (no cars added yet) - Additional backend logging - FN509 has been added to the gun store 9mm 10 different weapon frames (some require vip) 3 flashlights 3 sights 3 suppressors - STI DVC is craft able and its recipe can be found from various activities .45 acp 3 sights 3 flashlights 1 suppressor 1 extended mag Changes: - Weapon damage modified Adjusted PD pistol mk2 to match Glock damage. Adjust PD heavy pistol to match new .45 damage profile. Increased PD AR recoil 15-30%. Increase Draco recoil slightly, decreased shake slightly. Increased M700 hunting rifle damage to animals. - PDM performance improvements - Range fix for fish kitchen - NOS impact improved
  4. Sojobo

    Version 3.1.1

    Version 3.1.1 Racing system payments are now all done via bank transfers Dynamic pricing restored to repair shops and S class repairs added New /carclass command added to see your cars racing class - (Almost all custom cars are currently S class, we will slowly adjust this over time as we reclassify cars) Assault turfs now have an hour cooldown after they're successfully taken or defended Fixed a bug that left weapons attached to players after death Potential fix for vehicles freezing up and bugging out Lockpicking houses will now reward lockpicking XP Potential fix for police calls not going through to the CAD or MDT Backend logging improvements to aid dashboard stats later on
  5. Sojobo

    Version 3.1.0

    Version 3.1.0 Revamped Racing System ELO system reworked - You now only gain ELO from competitive races - Once you reach ELO 1750 you can create tracks Daily competitive races - Competitive races reward ELO - Competitive races have cash rewards Racing tablet - Available in racing stores and used to begin your racing career Racing store - Available down at the docks, look for the racing flag blip! Vehicle Toughness - Vehicles should be able to take more damage before breaking down - Damage threshold for critical failure reduced - Chances of a random tire pop have been reduced New cars, coming to Tebex 2022 BMW M5 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 Porsche Taycan 2022 Audi RS7 New cars, coming to PDM Imports McLaren 600LT Alfa Romeo Zagato 2022 Porsche Panamera S Range Rover Vogue 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 Nissan Skyline GTR-33 Ferrari-360-Stradale Mercedes Benz Cla 250 2014 Jeep Gladiator Yamaha MT-25 BMW 135i 1981 Porcsche 1968 Dodge Dart Audi RS2 Avant 1995 1998 Volkswagen Golf MK3 GTI Nissan Skyline 2000GT Mazda Rx7 FB 1987 Ford Sierra RS New local cars, coming to PDM Astron - Suvs Baller ST - Suvs Zeno - Supers Ingus - Supers Euros - Sports Comet S2 - Sports Comet S2 Cabrio - Sports Vectre - Sports Growler - Sports Dominator ASP - Sports I-Wagen - Sedans Cinquemila - Sedans Tailgater S - Sedans Dominator GTT - Muscle Reever - Motorcycle Shinobi - Motorcycle Cypher - Coupes Futo GTX - Compacts Previon - Compacts Warrener HKR - Compacts Other Changes - Fixed issue where players would get frozen to an ATM machine - Fixed TBM related SABS bans being over eager
  6. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.23

    Anyone can use them
  7. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.23

    Debit cards simply allow access to your own bank account, taking someone elses debit card would work as if it was your own. You cannot steal money from other peoples banks.
  8. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.23

    Version 3.0.23 Debit cards added - VIPs will get a debit card along with their phone & radio on respawn - When making purchases from shops, if you lack the physical cash and hold a debit card, your bank will be charged instead - VIPs can purchase debit cards at general stores (until we move it to a bank shop later) Starwars Kaydolls released Several tweaks and buffs to armoured truck loot tables The doors at the vineyard have been opened Most properties now require less locks to be picked to break in Increased odds of finding fleeca bank cards within house robberies ATM added to marabunta garage Fixed issue allowing prisoners to equip weapons Vehicle trunk fixes
  9. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.22

    Version 3.0.22 Improved house garage interactions Fixed issue with mics being left open when killed on radio When a house is sold it will now update immediately Improved tebex custom plate validations Pulling a vehicle out from a garage will now lock it again Large fish should no longer instantly despawn when reeled in Unseat option added to vehicles to get dead bodies out Fixed a lot of weird issues with vehicles in general closeall will now also close inventories Cuffs/zipties will now break when respawning Vehicle livery fixes You should now be able to talk while on poker & roulette New players names are now auto-formatted, since new players are dumb.
  10. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.21

    Version 3.0.21 VIPs can now control TVs with the /play command Boats purchased through TBM should now be delivered to the Vespucci boat garage Fixed issues with qTarget including needing to double tap LALT for NOS activiation Phone updates SABS improvements Initial server loading fixes/improvements Housing / furniture fixes AoS pool table cleared Gang shop price adjustments / changes
  11. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.20

    Version 3.0.20 Rental vehicles will now send notifications to the renter when the vheicle is (un)marked for tow Accessing vehicle trunks will once again refresh vehicle timers and unmark them for tow Fixed skydiving Item degradation tweaks Fixes to property door access when giving keys Fix to turf area alignment Inventory updated - less weirdness when switching a weapon in your inventory Several map fixes Mining skill effects buffed Tebex fixes for licence plate applications Pool cues added to Ikea /refreshtv command added Dogtags added for newer gangs Futo trunk added
  12. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.19

    Version 3.0.19 Vehicles can now be transferred from the impound back to the garage they were previously stored in Custom licence plate fixes Regional garages added for US Regional respawn locations added for US Regional door locks added for US Several US gangs have moved locations Nos Machina added to US Easter Kaydolls removed from circulation Phone updated (you can now preview ringtones) Other random tweaks and changes
  13. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.17

    Version 3.0.17 Redzoned turfs will now grant passive XP to their controllers when fully controlled Lockpicking vehicles option added to qTarget Potential fix to broken housing storages Fixed permissions for personal lockers Fixed an issue that would freeze you on the map when hovering over chop shops Palomino 24/7 is open for business again Fixed the trunks on some local supercars Captains ability to breach properties is back Fixed issue that would spam the option to lockpick and knock on house doors Lockpicking fixes Potential fix to skills issue
  14. Sojobo

    Version 3.0.16

    Version 3.0.16 You can now send locations & images through phone messages Fixed issues with new character registrations You can now rename your vehicles at a garage ATM added for Ace of Spades ATM added for Vagos ATM added for Families Additional interiors added for housing Fixed issue with glass breaking in Vangelico
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