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  1. Version 3.25.0 - Crews Todays update introduces our new crews system - A crew is essentially a gang with some slight feature differences, all gang related rules also apply to crews. Going forward all whitelist applications should start out as a crew - this lets us and others see how you and your potential gang will behave and interact in the city before we accept you as a fully whitelisted gang. If you're picking up gang strikes as a crew then there's a very good chance you won't be making it to a gang whitelist as a good example. So, what are the differences between crews and gangs? Feature Crew Gang F6 Hub access Diplomacy Wars Neighbourhoods Red zones Ranks and Permissions Gang Unlocks Gang Shops Private Radio Interested in starting up a crew of your own? The crew registration item can now be purchased from black markets for $2,000,000 - this price may increase in the future if we become overwhelmed with crews, we may also add this item to Tebex in the future so that brand new groups to the city can immediately dive into an organised crews system. Other Changes Gang shops are now available in both black markets The app verification item from Tebex now also supports tiktok verifications Hackers are now paid a risk bonus while doing boosts There are now pay notifications for hacking bonuses & the contract owners risk bonus Vin-scratched cars are no longer automatically bolo'd, instead police will have to run plates to check Diving loot tables were slightly improved and the amount of items found in each crate were increased Issues with locker raids, permits & warrants were also fixed Weight changes Phosphorus 500 -> 150 Crafted rings (60-100) -> 25 Rollingpaper 20 -> 5 329 vehicles have been added into the boosting roster A couple of existing boosts have been reclassified
  2. Sojobo

    Version 3.24.1

    Version 3.24.1 Balancing Tweaks Trucking payout tweaks Payout multipliers updated mule 90% -> 95% benson 100% -> 105% pounder 110% -> 115% packer 130% -> 125% hauler 150% -> 135% phantom 160% -> 145% hauler2 170% -> 155% phantom3 180% -> 165% A/S class boosting tweaks S class changes Time between contract generations dropped from 30 minutes -> 20 minutes Reduced max crypto payout from 1400 -> 1200 Increased the chance that contracts will be tuned from 60% -> 80% A class changes Time between contract generations reduced from 15 minutes -> 10 minutes Generation chances dropped from 15% -> 10% Maximum number of contracts obtainable per restart increased from 2 -> 3 Max crypto payout reduced from 700 -> 650 Experience per job increased from 12 -> 14 Tunning chance increased from 50% -> 70% Taxi changes Payout multiplier increased from 25% -> 40% Fleeing customers should be fixed too Wine updates Gathering base speed reduced from 3.5s -> 3s Sale price changes Zinfandel 130 -> 140 Sauvignon Blanc 145 -> 170 Cabernet Sauvignon 190 -> 220 Gang Clothing Additions Casino mask Bratva decal Misfits Prestige mask & decal Payday jacket AOS decal Professionals decal Panthers decal Triads mask Kkangpae mask Other Changes Businesses can now alter the tip percentage payouts between employee and business Updating the permissions for a rank in the Hub will now instantly update that rank in-game Additional logging Fixed some neighbourhood notifications were still showing job names rather than labels Some potential fixes to trucking Fixed the discard changes option breaking tattoos Shop keepers should no longer flee during robberies Doors can no longer be toggled while being lockpicked
  3. Sojobo

    Version 3.24.0

    Version 3.24.0 Tattoo Updates We've replaced the old tattoo system You can now have as many tattoos on each part of your body as you like Tattoo shop UI and prices updated You can now have temporary henna tattoos Phone Updates Tiktok has been added It includes TTS, music in videos, a fyp and following feeds The sound app was rebuilt for improved performance Bunch of other minor fixes Inventory Updates Inventories can now be accessed by more than one person at a time Opening your inventory in a car will also just open the glovebox too now Also includes a bunch of other fixes and changes to sync'ing Other Updates Map changes Panthers container removed Arms flat fences removed Fixed a bug that allowed for medical calls when no phone was owned We've removed the default GTA red dot effect on the crosshair The stress reduction on police was increased Fixed an issue that sent animal skinners flying Prospecting was buffed Boosting tweaks Neighbourhood rewards rebalancing Burgershot in Mirror Park has begun rebranding to Hornys Freds Pizza has removed the blackout windows they were using
  4. Sojobo

    Version 3.23.0

    Version 3.23.0 NOS 2.0 NOS refills now apply directly to a car (not the person) NOS keybind can now be remapped, the default key is now LCONTROL NOS now also increases the speed cap of the vehicle while used NOS performance improvements Trucking Changes Added new truck unlocks at level 20 & level 25 Rebalanced trucking payouts Lowest levels increased Middle levels nerfed New highest levels taking previous middle levels Other Changes When breaking cuffs there's no longer weird animations (like head bopping) The delay when breaking cuffs has also been reduced to match the animation times The tugs trunk is now accessible near the steering wheel Double deaths should be fixed (this fixes a few knock-on bugs like desync'd bodies etc) Happy Energy added to stores The machete model placed on users backs should now match the actual machete Fixed stress related issues with Vangelico Improved logging for phone money transfers
  5. Sojobo

    Version 3.21.2

    Version 3.21.2 TBM Updates Improved my vehicles filter You can now select which garage to send a bought vehicle to Improved speed of selling/collecting/delisting Sale history is now relevant to whether the vehicle is vin scratched or not The vehicle filter is now saveable Tablet will now auto open/close when test driving Added light/dark modes Added close buttons to confirmation windows Refresh button added to listings page Fixed a bug where payment could not be collected if you didn't own any vehicles Durability Fixes Durability is now correctly checked and the correct items removed from inventory for the following; All crafting Vangelico thermites Bank & Pac Standard hackchips Clothing Additions AOD vest textures updated Families badge updated Sindacco badge added Other Changes Updated the colouring on player status icons Fixed Vangelico incorrectly triggering police stress for each thermite placed Increased the amount of stress removed when a player is arrested Fixed an issue where A class boosts would sometimes not have the cop bonus payout applied to it Improved & tweaked several A/S boosting variables Improved logging of money sent/received through phones
  6. Sojobo

    Version 3.21.1

    Version 3.21.1 Police Stress Updates Robbing Vangelico now applies stress Robbing stores applies stress House robberies now apply stress Completing arrests now reduces stress UWU Toys Added some toy boxes for UWU They work like Kay Dolls but can only be acquired by purchasing meals from UWU Head down to UWU and start collecting! Other Changes The redzone limit has been increased from 2 to 3 for EU only The error notifications when attempting to do a heist have been updated Redline have completed their move to LS Customs There are now varying sizes of rocks at Phosphorus This also means varying amounts of XP/Influence gained when mining them We've added a new weight indicator to the UI Fixed a bug with the procaine gathering animation & influence gains Fixed some unbalanced UWU recipes Buffed durability for certain uwu main meals
  7. Planned Maintenance: STRP Europe Hey guys, we'll be taking STRP Europe offline at 10:45am BST today as we carry out a server swap. We expect this to take around an hour, we'll keep you guys updated on the discord with the progress we make. So, what are we changing? STRP Europe currently runs on 2 servers, one for the API & database and one for the game server. We're going to combine these servers together into a new dedicated server with better hardware; STAPI runs on an i7-7700k with 32GB RAM (4 cores / 8 threads) STRPEU runs on an i9-9900k with 64GB RAM (8 cores / 16 threads) The new server uses a Ryzen 9 5950X with 128GB RAM (16 cores / 32 threads) We originally split the servers up to take advantage of 2 bandwidth pipes however with the API now serving in-game images and with that being cached through cloudflare we've come to find that our bandwidth usage has dropped significantly and we believe we'll be better served by a single server setup to reduce latency between the game, the database and the API.
  8. Planned Maintenance: STRP America Hey guys, we'll be taking STRP America offline at 1pm BST today as we carry out a server swap. We're not sure how long this will take, but we'll keep you guys updated on the discord with the progress we make. So, what are we changing? First of all, we're moving datacenters, STRP America is currently hosted in Dallas, Texas - we're moving it to Atlanta, Georgia. For me, this has dropped by ping by about 30, from ~130 to ~100. For Kevin this has halved his ping from ~50 to ~25. We're also upgrading the hardware that STRP America runs on; As you can see, we're upgrading from the Xeon E-2236 (6 cores / 12 threads) to the Ryzen 9 5900X (12 cores / 24 threads). We're also increasing the servers RAM from 64GB to 128GB. This all may seem like overkill for STRP America right now but we're rather be ahead of the curve and plan for the future. Hopefully the downtime won't be too long and with any luck you'll notice the improvements on the otherside, even if it's just a ping reduction (unless you're West Coast America, in which case, sorry!)
  9. Sojobo

    Version 3.20.0

    Version 3.20.0 Mining Updates Your mining skill now increases the speed at which you mine, with diminishing returns This applies for paydirt, premium paydirt and phosphorus mining There are now various rock sizes for paydirt & premium paydirt Mining different sizes of rocks awards different amounts of paydirt XP gained from mining is now dependant on amount mined Improved object cleanup Mining logic improved, progress bar added Paydirt Processing Updates Added new Mineralogy skill Increasing this skill will speed up processing speeds, with diminishing returns Processing logic improved, progress bar added Updated Engineering Using fixkits will now pop the hood Repair times are now improved by your engineering skill, with diminishing returns Fixed an exploit that allowed you to apply multiple repair kits at the same time Progress bar and logic improved Updated Skinning Reduced gang influence granted from skinning Increased turf cut when animals skinned Improved logic and progress bars Updated Gathering Gathering speeds now increased based on your skill level, with diminishing returns You no longer get secondary skill experience when gathering Gathering logic improved, progress bar added Other Changes Weed fert crafting area added to Paleto BM Gold earrings added to crafting Earrings now require more gold to craft Their sale value has increased at pawnshops Player shop fixes STI DVC Pistol changes Base ammo increased from 12 to 20 Extended mag now increases this to 28 Fire rate increased from 0.6 to 0.85 Ubermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody nerfed to better fit B class Lambo Urus handling and speed improvements Police corvette handling updates Lexus LFA speed buffs Second crafting area added to prison for the porridge grinders
  10. Version 3.19.2 General Changes LS Customs on carcer way was overhauled, with 3 new public repair points and 3 redline business repair points The HUD was updated to highlight your voice when you're talking in-game We've continued to make performance improvements, this time rewriting the logic that makes U work There's a new deposit all button in ATMs Medikits were buffed to heal more damage on use Fixed an issue which caused auto-reloading not to work Fixed an issue which mean ammo wasn't being properly consumed Fixed an issue where holding radio when dieing would cause you to hot-mic Pacific standard now has banking options at the desks Added a new rent wallet option to enable auto-payments of rent from your bank Shop properties are now unlocked by default Updated police vest texture Fixed issue preventing police from breaching additional doors in shops Garage fixes for Tequilala & Autopia Petrol cans were added to additional stores Gang Changes The maximum gangsize on EU was reduced to 20 (NA remains unchanged at 20) Removed the ability to abandon redzone neighbourhoods Redzone neighbourhoods no longer lose influence passively Gang safes were removed from businesses The price of the scorpion was decreased The price of the machine pistol was increased
  11. Sojobo

    Version 3.19.1

    Yeah but this time it's fr, fr
  12. Sojobo

    Version 3.19.1

    Version 3.19.1 General Changes We've updated the big banner to advertise the player shops on the beach Gang strikes now display on the new Hub The high effect from weed now varies based on the strain smoked (sojokush has had 20 seconds knocked off of it) There are a couple of new empty shop interiors available for the beach stores Owned apartments can now be transferred A new cat cafe badge was added Fixes We've rewritten a lot of the login logic Logging in as a danny should be fixed You'll now do one of many new dance emotes while on the character selection screen You should now keep your armour when reloading Your inventory capacity should now be correct when logging in We fixed an issue that could cause waxed cars with shorter number plates not to clean We've improved the logout logic which should prevent cascading network failures when a lot of people timeout at once Staff costumes were fixed The overlapping shop interior flickering was fixed
  13. STRP Tebex Refresh Hey guys, recently we've gone over our store, prices and offerings after being reviewed by Tebex. Following their feedback we've revamped the shop layouts, our imaging, prices and the way we want our store to work in general. We want to move towards a model where we actually have offers and discounts, something that we've never really done before. We've also started up a pilot partner program for our NA Tebex store which offers additional discounting to customers and rewards our content creators with their own slice of the pie - something that hopefully makes our content creators feel appreciated and more invested in STRP. With that said, let's go over some of the changes. STRP NA We added gift cards ($15, $30, $50) We added car wax New bundles Car bundle (car wax & custom plate) Phone bundle (custom phone number & 2 app verifications) STRP EU We added new gift card options (£30, £50) We added car wax We added Skill boosters We added bundles Some of the NA bundles came across to EU, including the 2 new ones above With the help of Kayleigh we've redone a bunch of the imaging on our stores, all of the subscriber tiers have new images, all of the custom items have new images and we've added new items for the gift cards too. We've also changed the colouring of our VIP subscriptions and reflected those changes in-game. Another big change on the store is the templates themselves, when you load up the store it'll be the first thing you notice. Pricing for in-game items and subscriptions have increased, however for those that are already subscribed your price will continue to be honoured, these new prices only affect those who are not subscribed yet or those who have been buying one month at a time. We have new things planned for the VIP levels to help differentiate between the levels and add value to our already feature-packed subscriptions. Last but not least, to celebrate our first major Tebex overhaul we want to kickstart the new ethos of discounting with another huge discount code - use code REFRESH to get 20% off all available packages on both stores. This code is available for one week only and will end March 25th.
  14. No reset. If you're at or above your limit you can't gain influence in other turfs anymore. It's more so about getting the feature out there and ironed out before the gang reset at the end of the month.
  15. Version 3.18.0 - Turf Limits Turf Changes The number of turfs a gang can control has been limited to 15 Gangs can now abandon all influence on a turf Diplomacy permission required Click the white flag next to your influence on a turf Mount Chiliad was split up Added East Chiliad Added Braddock Pass Added Paleto Forest Paleto Forest is a new redzone, located at the Lumberyard Bolingbrook was split up Added La Fuente Blanca Redwood turf lines were redrawn Other Changes We removed steam as a dependency to play STRP No more steam outages affecting logging in! Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use trucking job trucks as free storage vehicles Poker & Roulette big wins are announced in the casino chat now Fixes to item logs Inventory fixes Rent log fixes Character selection should now show the correct number Fixed an issue causing PD/EMS garages to show the incorrect vehicle names Weed plant logging improved Using the pawnshop should now take focus Fixed issue with transmission and brake upgrades showing incorrect options You should get keys to new tebex cars immediately Fuel should now sync properly with passengers Fixed an exploit allowing you to carry people while driving
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