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  1. KevinOB

    Version 3.0.6

    It was a price reduction for empty wine bottles! It wasn't a nerf.
  2. Hey guys for those who haven't seen the new available cars ingame here is a list, everything is stocked pretty well so you should have some time to grab what you want. Tebex Vehicles New Unlimited's 2019 Ford Raptor Veilside Mazda RX7 New Limited's Rolls-Royce Dawn Onyx 2016 Dodge Challenger 2017 Porsche 911-R GT3 2020 Ferrari Roma 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant PDM Vehicles Local Vehicles Astron Baller ST Cinquemila Comet S2 Comet S2 Cabrio Cypher Dominator ASP Dominator GTT Euros Futo GTX Growler Ingus I-Wagen Previon Reever Shinobi Tailgater S Vectre Warrener HKR Youga Custom Zeno PDM Imports Mercedes GT63s 2022 BMW M5 Range Rover Vogue BMW i8 Audi A6 Dodge Viper 2008 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Beetle Wide-Body Yamaha R1 1968 Dodge Dart DeLorean Volvo XC90 Audi RS2 Avant 1995 Mini Cooper GP 2020 1977 Pontiac Firebird Harley Soft Tail Honda NSX 1997 Nissan Safari Suzuki Scooter Yamaha Jetski 1989 Chevrolet Suburban That's (42) new cars!
  3. KevinOB

    Version 3.0.2

    Version 3.0.2 Fixes come to NA this restart: April 1st 2022 Wallets can be used again Sandy and pillbox garage should work correctly now You can no longer collect job pay off duty Fixed Gasmasks and scuba gear Gang and police storages should work now Disabled animal emotes from player use Discarding changes at the clothing store fixed Changes: Drug labs have moved locations Weight has been adjusted on some items (pills and sandwiches)
  4. PDM Imports: 6 Seater Golf cart 2021 BMW M4 Mercedes V250 Range Rover Evoque Harley Iron Bob 2010 Bentley Brookland's 2021 GMC Sierra Maserati GT Tebex: Lexus RC-F 2013 BMW M6 2019 Ford Mustang Link to the NA Tebex: https://store.spaceturtl.us/ This vehicle update is for the America server only! STRP AMERICA? WHAT IS THAT?: We opened up a second server with everyone starting off fresh. The IP to connect is: play.spaceturtl.us You can read more about it here:
  5. STRP DIVING GUIDE Before heading out to do some underwater treasure hunting you will need to get into a scuba suit. Head over to the clothing store and put on the required clothing. The flippers are optional but do increase your swimming speed. Males need: Glasses - 26 Undershirt - 131 Shoes - 67 Females need: Glasses - 23 Undershirt - 154 Shoes - 70 If your mask is knocked off you will no longer be under the scuba tank effect! All other clothing parts are your choice. Once you have your scuba gear ready to go choose a diving location, you can find them all over the map with the following icon. You can either rent a boat, bring your personal boat, or drive near the diving location to begin collecting loot. Once you have arrived at a diving site, swim down near the bottom of the ocean to find different types of boxes/crates. Once you approach a crate/box you will prompt to press "E" to open/loot it. Once opened you will then be prompt with what you got! Rinse and repeat as much as you want or can fit in your vehicle. You will get a variety of items. Legal and illegal, some of it can be sold at the pawnshop or used to craft different things, its up to you!
  6. STRP GARBAGE COLLECTING JOB To start your garbage collecting job, head to the yellow garbage truck icon on your map. It’s located on Alta Street, north of the Maze Bank Arena. There you’ll find a man standing on top of the stairs. Use ALT to talk to him and start your shift! After you’ve started your shift,a truck will be provided to you, and you’ll be assigned a general area for your job, marked red on your map! You’ll also receive a JOB ID, in case you want to team up with friends to collect together! (to join a job, talk to the NPC and select JOIN A SHIFT - up to a group of 4) Now it’s time to jump into your truck and head out! After you’ve arrived at your job location, you can begin collecting garbage bags from bins around the area. To do so, use ALT to target, and select GRAB TRASH. With the garbage bag in your hands, head back to your truck to dispose of it. Make sure the rear loader (trunk) of your truck is open! Use your F7 menu while in the truck to open it. Do this until your truck is filled with garbage, and finish your route! (You can end your shift at any time. The less garbage collected, the lower the final pay!) Now you’re ready to head back to where you started the job! Talk to the man on the stairs to END SHIFT, and collect your money! Thank you for keeping the city clean!
  7. STRP TRUCKING GUIDE Wanna be a truck driver? Alright all you have to do is open your map, pick 1 of the 9 trucking job places and go to it. At the marked location you will be prompt to press "E" to take a trucking job. Once the job has been started you will be put into a truck. You then have to drive over to the trailer that's spawned near the truck marked with an orange dot. Now that you trailer is attached, you are now ready to be driving to your destination. (look on the map for destination) While your are driving to the given destination try not to damage your trailer, since the less damage it has taken the more the payout will be. When you arrive at the given destination you have to hold down "H" to detach your trailer to complete the job. Jobs done! (1.8 mile job) Head over to the nearest trucking market to start your next trip.
  8. STRP FISHING GUIDE In order for you to be able to fish, you will need a few things first. The things you need is a fishing rod and fishing baits, and you can get these things at a hunting store marked as a green deer. Now that you got you fishing rod and your baits, we are now ready to go out to the shore or ocean to start our fishing trip. If you decide to go out to the ocean, you can rent a boat at the boat rental. If you return your rented boat you will get 50% of the rental fee back. To start fishing you need to go into your inventory (F2) and drag the fishing rod over to the "use" button, to stop fishing press "Escape". After some time the bobber will start to bounce, once it changes to a green ring you need to left click to hook the fish. Once you hook the fish you need to reel in the fish by holding down left click, avoid expanding the inner circle fully red or the line will break. Depending on where you are fishing, you are able to get different fish. When you throw/use your fishing rod it will tell you if you have bait on your rod, and if you catch a fish with bait you will receive a notification. Some fish require bait, some don't. Check out the fishing skill for the specifics. When you are ready to sell your fish, you go to the Fish Dealer. There are many fish dealers across the map. In order to sell just stand in the green circle at the marked location. The fish will automatically get sold over time while in the circle.
  9. Illegal Job Guide We have seen that a lot of our players are asking for some help when it comes to the jobs you can do and how to them. So in this guide/tutorial we are going over the different illegal jobs you can do. I will leave some locations out of this guide since its are secret locations so you will have to find those IC RP. (in character roleplay) Lets start with Chop Shop. In order to do the chop shop jobs we need to go to the chop shop area, which is the black spray can with red outline. This is the city chop shop, there is also one in Sandy and Paleto. To start a chop shop job you need to go over the red circle and press "Enter". It will then give you a name on the vehicle you need to find. If you having trouble with finding your vehicle, you can then ask for a new one after 600 seconds. Now that you have the name of the vehicle we need to go and find the vehicle. Here it can be a good idea to bring a lockpick with you since some of the vehicles that are parked, at the different parking lots can be locked. When you find and take the vehicle they asked for, can you then go back to the chop shop area and press "Enter" to chop the vehicle. You will then be prompted to cut off some of the parts (doors, trunk, hood), once you finished that you will be rewarded with mixture of cash, dirty money, scrap metals and plastic. Next on the list: House Robberies. To do house robberies you need to have some lockpicks in your inventory then walk up to a house that is robbable. To find the robbable houses you will have to ask around IC RP, since these are "secret" locations. When you find a robbable house you have to hold down F3 to open up your menu and do as the pictures below is showing you. When you have clicked on the lockpick interaction a little "Mini Game" pops up, where you have to press "E" when the blue is inside the box. When you have done this enough times you will then be "teleported" inside the house and the robbery can begin. When you are inside the house you will see a bar down in the bottom, which indicates how much noise you have made. Try not to fill it up. To steal you will have to walk up to the different shelfs, closets, etc. and then press "H" When you are done with the robbery you can then walk back to the door and press "E" to get back out. Some of the things you get from house robberies you can sell at the pawn shop and some of it is used to other illegal things. Next on the list: Hacking. In order to hack, you need to have either a mobile scanner or ATM scanner. You can get these from dumpster diving, house robberies and metal scanning. Now that you have a mobile scanner or ATM scanner. You need to get close to either a Local(what we call NPCs IC) or an ATM. When you are close to one of these you hold down F3 and navigate to Interaction then more and from there you can choose either hack ATM or mobile. When you are hacking the NPCs or the ATMs you have to complete a little Mini Game where you get to codes that you have to match with right corresponding codes. You move the left code with "W.A.S.D" and "SPACE" to confirm and right code with "Up.Left.Down.Right" arrows and "ENTER" to confirm. When you completed the mini game you need to be standing with in 20 meters of the thing/person you are hacking. When the blue bar is filled up you are done with the hacking and you will get a message like the one on the left side of the picture below. When ever you are done hacking NPCs and ATMs you drop your scanner. Next on the list: Drugs. There is 3 different drugs you can do on this server, we will take them 1 at a time. Meth and coke works the same way, in the way that you need some different ingredients and process it into ounces of the drug. Weed: The way the weed is working, is that you need to plant some seeds at your chosen location. (it needs to be grass and not to steep) The only way to get weed seeds is through house robberies, locked "NPC" cars that spawns around the map and Cayo. When you got your seeds and you are at your chosen location you have to plant them by going into your inventory and drag the seed over to the "USE" button and you will then start to plant the seed. When the seed is planted you will have an interface you can view and manage by holding left ALT. You need to make sure you maintain your plants food and water levels, if not it will start to decay its growth rate and eventually die. You can increase the plants growth rate with fertilizer spray and rate booster. When you have harvested your plant you will need to put them in bags, to do this you need at least 10x 1g Ziploc bags, a bud cutters and a scale. When you are done putting your weed in a bag, you then have 2 options. Option 1. You can sell your bag of weed to locals (NPCs) or you can bulk sell it in Smoke On The Water at the big beach in Los Santos Option 2. You can roll your bag of weed into joints, these joints you can smoke to get some body armour, you get different amount of body armour depended on the weed strain you are smoking, so the rare the weed is the more body armour you get. To make joints, you need 1 rolling papers, a grinder and 1 bag of weed. You cant sell joints only smoke them. Meth: In order to make meth you need 3 ingredients: Methylamine, Lithium and Prosperous. When you have all these ingredients you will have to find the meth processing place. (this is a secret location) When you processed the ingredients you get 1 ounce of meth. These ounce of meth needs to be cut into 1g bags of meth. In order for you to be able to cut it you need at least 28x 1g Ziploc bags, 1 scale, 1 cut kit. When you have the ounce and Ziploc, scale and cut kit, in your inventory you then need to drag the ounce over to "USE" button inside you inventory, you will now start to cutting it into 1g bags. When you have cut it into 1g bags you are now ready to go around to different NPC's and offer them drugs. (this is the way you sell) To offer people drugs you hold down F3 then interactions and click on offer drugs. After you offered a NPC some drugs, you will then be able to go up to and NPC then press "E" to sell drugs instead of going through your F3 Menu Coke: Coke works the exact same way as meth does, only different is that coke use different ingredients and the ingredients is in other locations than meth ingredients. The ingredients you need for coke is Procaine, Coca plants and a Jerry can. This will be processed into ounce of Cocaine. Same with meth this need to be cut into 1g Bags of Cocaine You are selling this exact same way as the meth is sold. Next on the list: Illegal Fishing. There are some different illegal "fish" you can get your hands on. 2 of them is turtles and sharks, the rest is based on fishing level and the location you are fishing at. In order to fish for turtles we need some turtle baits, you can get those at the black market, and you buy those for dirty money. In order to get sharks we use the turtles as a bait to be able to catch sharks, if you are high enough level in fishing and that you are in the ocean. Then for the rest of the illegal fishes we just need to be high enough level in fishing and being in the right spots. Next on the list: Money Laundering. All illegal jobs gives you dirty money (besides hacking). In order to make the dirty money into "clean" money you have to do laundering it at the "Money Launder" which is the white suitcase on the map. (as shown in the picture below) The money launder has multiple locations it can be at so keep that in mind. When you are at the money launder there is a NPC, you press "E" when you are standing besides him. You will now start to doing the money laundering.
  10. STRP SKILLS So in this guide we are taking a look at the different skills that you can level up by doing different things. First lets see how to find your skills. You do that by holding down F3 then go to general and then skills as shown in the pictures below Once opened you will see the available skills, scroll to see more. Select a skill with your mouse for more information. Now lets take a look at what the different skills do. Crafting: Higher chance to keep items after crafting Access to higher tier items Drug Manufacturing: Higher Levels = Better quantity amount chance when cutting blocks Access to higher tier drug manufacturing Stamina: How long the player can run, swim, or cycle at full speed before losing health due to overexertion. Shooting: Dampens recoil, reduces reload time, heightens accuracy, increases ammo capacity Strength: Boosts melee damage speeds up ladder climbing improves sporting agility, reduces damage taken from various sources (Including damage to armour) Lung Capacity: How long the player's character can hold their breath underwater before losing health. Driving: Pop wheelies more easily and retain more control while airborne. Hacking: Increased speeds in hacking all sources. Higher level improves your potential payout. Lockpicking: Easier Locking picking Speeds. Need to complete less bars to enter. Fishing: Higher level = better and rarer fishes. Fishing level also affects odds of better fish. Chance of breaking your rod reduces with skill level. Skinning: Skinning an animal gives items up to a maximum dependent on creature and varied by skill level. Distillery: Higher levels give access to higher tier wine The higher your level the more bottles you get from a barrel That's all we have for the skills right now. If skills gonna get some updates in the future this post will get an update.
  11. Keep it up, love seeing you guys around. I'm pushing for this to be whitelisted ^^
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