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Medical Application Format


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LSMD Applications are now OPEN:

Please Copy & Paste the format below when making a new topic in "Apply Here". 

Title of post should be your medic’s FIRST & LAST NAME - Medic Application
Ex. Katya Smirnoff - Medic Application


Out Of Character ( OOC )

1.) Name:

2.) Discord Username #0000 (copy your full tag):

3.) Date of Birth & Age (minimum 17+) :

4.) Country and Time zone  (NA, EU, AU, AS) & (PST, CST, EST, or GMT+):

4.a) When are you available?

4.b) What time would be best for you during weekends?

5.) How long have you been playing on our server? (minimal of 3 weeks in city):

6.) Do you have any prior medical RP experience, if yes list it below(does not have to be GTA-city, rank, tasks):

7.) What makes you a better candidate than our other applicants?:

In Character ( IC )

1.) Full Name (Must be realistic): 

2.) Date of Birth & Age:

3.) How long have you been a citizen of Los Santos?:

4.) Why do you want to become a medic?:

5.) If any, who referred you to the Medical Department?

Scenarios: (minimum 99+ words, do not add a file) : 

1.) You and a partner arrive at a medical scene with police already on scene where you need to help an unconscious individual that is in the interest of LSPD, what do you do?

2.) Pillbox can be a very popular and hectic location at times: You arrive on scene, there are multiple cars on location blocking the emergency lane, people running around with guns, and general loitering: 

a) How would you handle this situation? 

b) What would you do if no police were available for backup?

8.) Have you read, understood, and met the requirements before submitting this application?(proper name, age, no criminal background):

9.) Do you understand that you can be removed from your position in the Los Santos Medical Department at any time for any reason?

10.) Signature:


Please note there may be long wait times for applications, it's generally between 2-3 weeks as we have a high volume of applications and strive to give the best training we can. Your application will be marked as RECEIVED once the app has been placed on our stack but a member of Leadership will not reach out until a spot has opened up for you to interview.

Thank you very much,
Dr. Katya Smirnoff
Chief M100
LSMD Employment Division

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