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Application Format


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Please Copy & Paste this format when making a new topic in "Apply Here".


Out Of Character ( OOC )

1). Name:

2). Discord Username #0000:

3). Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY) & Age (minimum 16+) :

4). How long have you been playing on our server?(2 week minimum):

5). Do you have any prior law enforcement RP experience, if yes list it below:

6). What makes you a better candidate than our other applicants?:

7). Have you read, understood, and met the requirements before submitting this application?:

8). Where are you from?


In Character ( IC )

1). Full Name:

2). Date of Birth & Age:

3). How long have you been a citizen of Los Santos?:

4). Why do you want to become a law enforcement officer?:

5). You and your partner are driving a dangerous prisoner to jail. On your way, you see a car accident and there seem to be injured people as the cars are quite damaged. What would you do? (minimum 200+ words):

6). You are driving alone when you see a man grabbing a woman’s purse. They both engage in an argument and the man starts to strike the woman with his hands in order to get control of the purse. What would you do? (minimum 200+ words):

7). You are investigating a store for possibly selling fake items such as bags, shoes, clothes copying a famous brand. While in the store, the owner offers to give you a discount voucher to use for yourself or your family for any future purchases. What would you do? (minimum 200+ words):

8). You and several other officers are attempting to arrest a subject at his residence. As you are walking up to the house the front door opens and the subject appears. He steps out of the doorway and onto the front porch. He has a gun in his hand and he begins shooting at you. What would you do? (minimum 200+ words):

9). Signature:

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