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Version 2.86.0


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Version 2.86.0


  • The vineyard is enterable
  • A shop has been added to the vineyard garage for all your wine making needs
  • The wine processing system has been changed
  • The wine processing and selling location have been moved to the vineyard
  • There are now 5 different grapes to gather to turn into different types of wine
  • The different grapes have a rarity difference with a price increase to reflect their rarity
  • I'll let you guys figure out the new system but keep in mind that 50 grapes = 1 barrel


  • Two new skills have been added: Gather and Distillery
  • Gathering experience is gained from picking plants (fruits, vegetables, coca plants)
  • Distillery experience is gained from alcohol related tasks (picking grapes, and processing wine)
  • Gathering grapes rewards gathering and distillery experience
  • Gathering coca leaves rewards drug manufacturing and gathering experience


  • Now have access to SMG Clip as intended in a previous patch.
  • Changes were made so some police/swat clothing such as vests, tac belts, etc.
  • Panic Button alert sound added.


  • Pills have been added to the EMS shop for high ranking medics to distribute as they deem necessary
  • These pills have different affects that can boost health regen and increase armor, but may also lower your HP in the process
  • Taking too many in a short period of time can cause death


  • Medics/Police now have access to useful radio hotkeys, you can now use the following keys
    (these hotkeys can be edited and the prefix can be removed, etc in your FiveM settings) :
  • N & * Will allow you to turn the radio off and on
  • N & + Will allow you to change one radio frequency up
  • N & - Will allow you to change one radio frequency down


  • The LSCustoms/Bennys around the city were updated adding additional functionality for allowing hex codes, exploit fixes and additional menu options making it easier to cancel changes.
  • Chat bans have been re-enabled for OOC chat
  • Cooldowns have been re-enabled for liking tweets / tweeting.
  • Blackjack Performance Tweaks to run animations only when inside the Casino.
  • Suppressed blimp & blimp2 within the city.
  • Additional performance tweaks for database queries for the Phone
  • Performance enhancements to our scripts to help optimize and improve performance for the city
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