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Version 2.87.0


Gang Neighbourhoods 

  • Red Zone Turfs have now been removed in favor of the new Gang Neighbourhoods system (neighborhoods are NOT redzones).
  • There is currently a total of 84 neighbourhoods that can be taken over by gangs. 
  • Each gang has their own neighbourhood over their gang base by default, they should then work on expanding out their influence and gaining more neighbourhoods. 
  • neighbourhood are based on an influence system, to gain influence in a neighbourhoods you can do things such as selling drugs (illegal), trucking jobs (legal) etc.
  • Influence will continue to decrease on slowly overtime, so its up to you to keep influence in your neighbourhoods.
  • Influence can also be decreased by dying in the zone.
  • Each neighbourhoods has its own safe which accumulates loot based on the activity in the area such as drug selling, trucking jobs, money laundering etc.

Housing (EDIT: more houses will be released in the 4am rapture instead) 

  • There are now over 100 more houses which have been made available! 
  • An activity checker is now in place so that if a house owner has been inactive for 2 months, their house is resold to the government meaning overtime you could see houses popping up for sale. 
  • House Garage will now provide some fuel when taking a car out (subject to change)
  • Fixes to housing Furniture caps
  • Fixes to house robberies & housing furniture cd-image issues
  • LS Customs building have been slightly tweaked, you will see a cleaner look on a lot of them.
  • There is a new Tuners Building down at the docks (in preparation for a racing hub)


  • The casino car has been updated to a Lamborghini Centenario! 

Building Updates

  • The prison has had some changes to the court yard and exterior to make things look a bit nicer (court is now colored, etc)
  • There is now a nice new park ranger building up in the hills.
  • Pop's diner has opened up in Paleto.
  • A new arcade has opened up on the pier. 
  • Don has opened up a nice 24/7 store next to Paleto garage. 

MDT Changes 

  • You can now close your MDT with the 'ESC' key. 
  • MDT now has lower opacity, allowing you to see in-front of your. 

    Police MDT

  • You can now see and filter by job department (e.g BALD, SWAT, etc)
  • Arrest Reports and BOLOs now include an ID which will be used later (i.e Court Case Submissions)

    Gang MDT

  • You can now see a tab for turf influence which will allow you to see all the turfs you own and gangs which are gaining influence in your turf.


The Armenians have decided to pack up and sell up their hotel! They have now moved to Wolf Gang Records, with the aim of providing passion and music to the city.

Misc Changes

  • Bug fixes to EMS revive system
  • Performance tweaks have been made all around 
  • Heists bug fixes (animation glitches & fix shorty breakages *cough*)
  • Changes to vehicle trunk access e.g If a vehicle is stored and there is another version of it out, you cannot look in the trunk
  • Some vehicles can no longer be towed by a tow truck e.g Tug boat 
  • Fix medic vehicle garage not setting stored state of vehicle
  • You can no longer hit the panic button when in a tazed state 
  • Panic buttons now have a 2 min cool down 
  • Exploit with emotes has been fixed 
  • SABS changes & improvements
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