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Version 2.89.0 - Weapon update


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Version 2.89.0

Weapon Changes

  • Fists no longer ignore armor
  • Blunt melee weapons no longer ignore armor
  • All melee weapons can now lock on
  • The knife and switchblade no longer 1 hit kill
  • Head shots for all firearms do increased damage
  • Firearm recoil and shake has been adjusted
  • Brass knuckles are now available at the gun store
  • Golf clubs are now available at utool
  • Crowbars are now available at utool
  • Hammers are now available at utool
  • Wrench's are now available at utool
  • Pool cues are now available in the gang store
  • SNS pistol mk2 has replaced the regular SNS pistol and is sold fully crafted at the gang store
  • Revolver mk2 has replaced the heavy revolver and its recipe is sold at gang stores when unlocked or found where you found revolver recipes
  • Mini smg recipe is available through the gang store when unlocked
  • Heavy pistol is unlocked within the PD ranks
  • Pump shotgun mk2 is unlocked within the PD ranks

Unlock rewards and levels have been adjusted


  • The revolver can no longer be crafted
  • The revolver MK2 can now be crafted with a recipe
  • The Mini SMG can now be crafted with a recipe
  • RF Mobile scanner can now be crafted with a recipe
  • ATM Hackers can now be crafted with a recipe
  • Copper wire can now be crafted
  • Required levels to craft weapons have been adjusted


  • Premium paydirt no longer rewards lithium or phosphorus
  • Regular paydirt now rewards phosphorus
  • The amount of possible gems per premium paydirt has been increased

Notes: The goal here was to bring purpose back to regular paydirt (lithium, phosphorus) while keep the potential profits from premium paydirt with more gems and with lithium/phosphorus out of the loot table you should in turn we significantly more gems.

The Durango was updated
The F1 has a new engine sound to test
Some handling changes were made

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