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NA Medical Application

Katya Smirnoff

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Please Copy & Paste the format below when making a new topic in "Apply Here". 

Title of post should be your medic’s FIRST & LAST NAME - Medic Application
Ex. Katya Smirnoff - Medic Application


Out Of Character ( OOC )

1.) Name:

2.) Discord Username #0000 (copy your full tag):

3.) Date of Birth & Age (minimum 17+) :

4.) Country and Time zone  (NA, EU, AU, AS) & (PST, CST, EST, or GMT+):

4.a) When are you available?

4.b) What time would be best for you during weekends?

5.) How long have you been playing on our server? (minimal of 3 weeks in city):

6.) Do you have any prior medical RP experience, if yes list it below(does not have to be GTA-city, rank, tasks):

7.) What makes you a better candidate than our other applicants?:

In Character ( IC )

1.) Full Name (Must be realistic): 

2.) Date of Birth & Age:

3.) How long have you been a citizen of Los Santos?:

4.) Why do you want to become a medic?:

5.) If any, who referred you to the Medical Department?

(minimum 99+ words, do not add a file) : 

1.) You and a partner arrive at a medical scene with police already on scene where you need to help an unconscious individual that is in the interest of LSPD, what do you do?

2.) Pillbox can be a very popular and hectic location at times: You arrive on scene, there are multiple cars on location blocking the emergency lane, people running around with guns, and general loitering: 

a) How would you handle this situation? 

b) What would you do if no police were available for backup?
(minimum 99+ words, do not add a file) : 

8.) Have you read, understood, and met the requirements before submitting this application?(proper name, tags):

9.) Do you understand that you can be removed from your position in the Los Santos Medical Department at any time for any reason?

10.) Signature:

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