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Version 2.96.0


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Version 2.96.0

Added 5 new turfs;
- University
- North Chumas
- Voodoo
- North Cayo Perico
- South Cayo Perico 
Gathering premium paydirt now grants exp/influence/items
Gathering coca plants now grants exp/influence/items
Withdrawing from a turf safe now requires withdraw perms from the gang
Wine turf nerfed
Crafting turf nerfed
Black Market turf buffed

MDT Updates
Gain & Loss notifications added to MDT
XP contribution stats added to MDT
Staff page can now be sorted by each column

Other Fixes & Changes
Vagos launderer removed
Several new launder locations around the city added
Fixes to housing marketplace
Several crafting timing adjustments
Workbench added to Vagos HQ
VIPs now have access to additional outfit slots
Potentially fixed issue with trunks not saving where custom plates used

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