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Tow Trucking


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What’s that? You’re stuck in the arse end of nowhere, with a piston that’s come out to say hello? Don’t fear Go&Tow are here! We have a garage in Sandy but can reach all parts of the city with our fleet of mobile mechanic/tow vehicles. 

You’re stuck with a flat tyre? Well we can fix that on the side of the road! You’ve got the driving skills of an augbergine? Well we can cater to that too. We will perform minor road side repairs to get you onto our towing vehicle than take you to the nearest (player owned - let’s boost that RP Baby!) garage! 

You’re a fed and you’re fed up of people poorly parking? We can be the cities tow service! No more relying on those Dodgy Daniels to provide a sub standard service! 

Call Go&Tow now! 




$1,000 call out fee. (Within city limits)

$1,500 call out fee. (Out of city limits)

$500 (per) tyre repair

$1,000 roadside minor repair 

$1,000 transport to nearest garage. (Within city limits)*

$1,500 transport to nearest garage (Out of city limits)*

*We will endeavour to bring these to a player owned garage.

Towing contract with city would cause a generic kickback serving as a base level wage for my employees.


Requirements to join as a mechanic:

Must have Los Santos Citizenship (longer than 2 weeks in the city) 

Be able to work as a team.

Be able to work in a hierarchy. 

Better than average ability in communicating with the citizens. 

Progression -> Foreman -> Garage Mechanic -> Roadside Mechanic -> Garage Manager -> Roadside Mechanic Manager -> Area Manager -> Go&Tow Owner 

Go&Tow Team -

Andre Fratelli

Alfonso Fratelli

Vincenzo Fratelli

Lorenzo Fratelli

Jrmoe Lester

Shaunatelli Fratelli




Liam MC

Ben Wolf


Potential Garage: 



Potential tow truck and mechanic vehicle - 


The dream is for this to be a WL player owned business - take ownership of the towing side to the city & give players an option to role play it out - city requested changes would be the price of fix kits and tyre kits on the market would go up when this business sets out so that people are encouraged to call (police and ems contracts aswell). This could then be used to clear out the abandoned cars, if they do not move for ages (time determined by staff) the zcad could request the car be impounded. 

If the fleet of vehicles used for this is different to the regular tow truck, there will be more trust for it arriving at popular locations like Crafting etc. 


Original concept & credit = Ed Rose

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Im more focusing on the idea of the tow trucking side job being merged into a more reliable business model. 


I personally have never heard of Atomic going out to collect vehicles. Sorry if thats whats happened, but my crim & EMS characters have never heard of that being a thing. 

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the thing is atomic had a moment that there where 10 members and they where more focusing on giving people repairs, but sinds day one of atomic (first repair shop in the city) people didnt came to them and after blues got a repair shop everyone is going to the blues


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As a medic I approve this message, we need more tow trucks actually doing tows. Pill box becomes a disaster prime time and the Danny’s that are in trucks never respond. Please hire Norma!   #tow&go!

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+1 from me! 

I am always getting stuck out of city and having an option to call a tow trucking company to help with repairs and to get me to a repair shop is extremely handy. 

However i hope that you bring people from all timezones onto your roster so that you have at least someone in city at all times.

Great pitch and concept! 


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