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STRP In-Game Rules


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Server Rules

*Ignorance or misinterpretation of any of the rules or other rulesets will not be accepted as defense against disciplinary action. Server rules are always subject to change and updates added as the admin staff sees fit. Failure to follow any of the following rules can result a server ban.*

Requirements to play:

  •  A working microphone

1. Random Deathmatching (RDM)

You are at no point allowed to kill another players character without sufficient reason and/or without initiation. 

  • You must give the player you are roleplaying with a reasonable amount of time to comply with your demand(s). 

  • Giving a player an impossible demand, and then killing them is strictly forbidden, and will result in punishment. 

  • If a player is complying with you, you must have a valid reason to kill them. 

    • A valid reason is expected to be reasonable and executed within a reasonable time frame.

  • You should at no point start roleplay with someone with the sole intent of it escalating to a fist fight or gun fight. 

  • Randomly shooting or punching someone will result in punishment. 

  • No-one is required to pay a ransom, including police, killing someone if the ransom isn't paid isn't a valid reason to kill someone who complied.

  • During a scenario where a gang want’s to “group” initiate, only one gang member is required to initiate. This player is responsible for ensuring that he/she is heard loudly (via shouting) and clearly by the opposition. The Initiating player must make the opposition aware that they are initiating as part of a larger group. I.E “Leave the area or WE will shoot”
    - This does not initiate the gang as a whole, only the members within proximity of the situation. Any additional ‘members’ arriving must initiate themselves.
    - In a case where the player is being reported for “no initiation“ the “initiating” player must provide sufficient evidence that initiation was done correctly.

2. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

You are at no point allowed to use your vehicle as a weapon, even if someone is threatening your life, you cannot run them over. This rule doesn’t apply if someone runs into your vehicle, as it isn’t your fault.

Purposeful vehicle to vehicle contact is not allowed if attempting to cause a driver to loose control unless you are both travelling at 60 mph or below.

Constant vehicle to vehicle contact in attempt to disable an engine is not allowed at any speed.

Accidents happen, if your actions result in a possible violation of these rules you should try to remedy the situation by continuing a chase or taking the victim to the hospital for example.

3. Not Valuing Life (NVL)

Not properly taking your life into consideration when performing an action such as: jumping off a roof, driving into the ocean, walking/running on the freeway, exiting a moving vehicle, taking a ramp, etc. - If one or more of these actions result in your death you could be punished for NVL.

If you are held at gunpoint you must comply with their demands, you are not to pull out your weapon and shoot them. If you have a friend that gets the jump on the person holding you up, they may then take over the situation by putting a gun to them. The friend must initiate hostile role play with the person first, they cannot just shoot the person. If you or the person you are holding up complies with your demand you are not to kill them. You need a legitimate reason to kill them. If you are outnumbered by a party who have weapons and proceed to use your weapon against them, this is considered no value for your life. If someone has you at gunpoint and lowers their guard AND turns their body away from your person, you may try to escape the situation or take advantage.

This is different for police, if a police officer is held at gunpoint and an officer around the corner is notified he is allowed to shoot if deemed clear to. 

This is not to be abused by the police, if the police choose to just shoot, it could cause the officer held up to be killed which would defeat the purpose of valuing your life and could result in a punishment.

Reference "
13. Player robberies" for more specifics.

4. New Life Rule (NLR)

If you are incapacitated and revived you do not have to forget who killed you or how you died.

  • Unless your character personally knows the person who killed you, do not identify the person to the police by name, only by clothes and face.
  • All charges that could be applied if you committed any crimes can still be applied.
  • You can return to a fight if it was outside of a redzone and you were brought back to your feet through any means other than taking the light.

If you are killed and respawn at a hospital, you are to forget any details about your killer and the events that led to the event.

  • You may not report to the police that you were murdered.
  • You may not go back to the scene of the crime and harass the person who killed you.
  • Unless you are killed by the police all prior charges the police have out on you still apply.

Killing Police Officers at Police Department and committing crimes within/around the outside of a Police Department will be picked up on camera. Even if you kill the cops there, they can review the "footage" and arrest those who raided the PD. 
*This means if a cop is killed at a Police Department he/she can "remember" the clothing of the suspects involved, and anyone fully identified and ran through the police system prior to an officers death can be "remembered".*
The police are not to say "you killed me", they are to say "you killed an officer(s) at the PD".


5. Powergaming (PG)

Power gaming is defined as: Using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. Roleplaying on the behalf of other players or NPCs is classified as Powergaming.

  • “Hacking police computers to delete video records” -- This is an example of Powergaming.

  • Forcing people to roleplay the way you want them too is considered Powergaming.

  • Attempting to roleplay powers for your character beyond what is possible for an average person

  • Attempting to circumvent roleplay by forcing a death upon your character that doesn’t result in a permanent death for the individual. 

  • Attempting to take someone out of police custody in a locked vehicle by using the escort menu.

6. Metagaming (MG)

Metagaming is defined as: Using external factors, information, or knowledge your character would not be able to obtain through normal means of game play. Using any information from streams, forums, discord, is strictly forbidden. Your character can only know what it learns in-game.

  • Sharing out of character information via /me is considered metagaming.

  • Using any out-of-character communication devices to communicate in-character information while unable to in-game. (Discord, Teamspeak, Skype, Steam. etc)

  • Stream sniping is not tolerated. Being in a stream while you are also in game, whether you are watching or not is considered Metagaming and you will be punished for it.

7. Exploiting

Exploiting is defined as abusing bugs and/or broken game mechanics, including duplicating vehicles/money/items. Failing to report game breaking bugs and using them for your own benefit/gain will result in punishment.

  • Using any broken game mechanic to gain an advantage over other players is not permitted.

  • Duplicating money/items in any way is not permitted.

8. Combat Logging

You may never disconnect while in an active roleplay scenario with another player. This includes, but is not limited to, whilst being in the custody of a police officer.

  • If you are downed in an active gunfight and then disconnect/close your client, this is considered combat logging.

  • Players are required to wait for EMS to revive or respawn if possible. 

  • If you are disconnected through game crash, you are required to rejoin the server and return you to the state you were in during the RP scenario.

  • If your game crashes whilst you are in custody or you are in an RP scenario, you must make an attempt to find the officer/civilian you were with prior to crash and attempt to continue the RP.

  • If you are revived by a medic and are cleared of medical custody and there is currently no ongoing situation that involves you, you may log off.

Roleplay Time Limitations

If kidnapped, restrained and left without a clear roleplay purpose for more than 10 minutes (meaning left in the desert, on the street or elsewhere) you are allowed to disconnect from the server as your RP has ended with the other player. This does not mean waiting 10 minutes at a bank robbery to disconnect as a hostage- you are still in an ongoing situation.

9. Hostage Situations

If the Police Department complies with your requests you must ensure that the hostages lives are secure and safe. You cannot request impossible things from police or hostages.

You need to prepare your heists before you take hostages, if you take more than 10 minutes to get a hostage to the heist location you may be asked to release them.

10. Incapacitated Roleplay

You are not to use any radio/voice communication to relay in-character information to other players. 

Do not talk in-game while dead if you have suffered a serious injury. You are however allowed to roleplay injured, and reply with appropriate information if asked by medical/police or a civilian attempting to render aid.

Using (G) while dead to call ems is a game feature that the developers made to contact EMS. It is also permissible to do /call 911 to contact police for MEDICAL ATTENTION ONLY, if there is no EMS online. (This means there are no medics online, not that no one has answered your call)

If you are kidnapped and your communication and/or GPS have been removed in RP whilst you have been restrained, it is FailRP to try to contact anyone using any form of communication in character. Using systems such as /call medic, /call 911 is not permitted. Relaying your position using out of character means, either in game or out of game is Metagaming as covered above.

11. Out of game voice

Do not talk out of the game(in character) if you are kidnapped/hostage and the players have role played removed your communication/phone/ect.

12. FailRP/Trolling:

Excessive harassment and trolling can result in a server ban. Respect your fellow players.

  • Derogatory remarks about: race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. whether it be in RP, on the forums, etc. is not allowed.

  • Role-playing sexual assault (non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) sexual acts or other unwanted sexual roleplay is not allowed.

  • No mic spamming (playing loud music or sounds) without the consent of others.

  • Do not spam OOC chat.

  • Cop baiting, (Eg: baiting the cops into a chase/bait them to robberies, bait them through 911, etc.) will result in server kicks/bans

  • Interfering with police chases without a proper roleplay reason is not acceptable.

  • DO NOT spawn vehicles for jobs and leave them in the spawn area. If you are not going to use a vehicle store it.

  • You are not allowed to get a job with the intentions of using the provided vehicle for personal use.

  • You may NOT Role play as any form of a Terrorist organization explicitly to create chaos via explosions, ramming or firing.

  • Taking out/Storing or chopping a vehicle while actively engaged in an RP scenario (eg. a police chase) is considered FailRP.

  • Tackling people without initiating hostile roleplay or having a reason for tackling is considered trolling (such as pretending to trip after running into someone)

  • Do not share in-character information if you character couldn't do so normally (dead/handcuffed, ziptied, etc)

  • Using a "Bluetooth headset" is not an excuse to talk out of the game (in character) while restrained/zip tied.

  • Failing to talk(in-character) in-game while using out of game communication is considered FailRP. This accounts for EMS/Police as well.

  • Impersonating police officers is not allowed.

  • Using corrupt roleplay as LSPD\LSMC to directly benefit your alternative characters and their associates is not allowed.

  • You cannot use skydiving to evade arrest or capture

  • You may not create a second character with the sole intention being to benefit your main character and/or their associates.

13. Player robberies

You cannot force players to /transfer you money from their bank account. 

You cannot take someone to the hospital and/or force a medic to treat someone, with the intent of robbing them after being treated.

When holding players up you need to properly remove their forms of communication.

  •  By putting them in zip ties you are able to remove their phone which makes them unable to call for police or a medic, removing their radio stops all forms of communication and if they are a gang member having them restrained no longer shows their GPS location to their allies.

When holding someone up you need to keep a safe and smart position. In situations where the person is not at risk of immediate death, the person who is being held up may retaliate by either punching or pushing you. They can then attempt to take over the situation by pulling out a gun or they can attempt to escape (the person being held up cannot immediately pull out a gun, they must make physical contact with the person holding them up). They also cannot immediately shoot, they simply now have control of the situation. eg. You are holding someone up and standing close to them. Your gun isn’t pointed at them. Therefore, at this point they are permitted to push/hit you and can attempt to take over the situation.

Player robberies are expect to be well executed and hold role play value. Any group or individual that chain-robs (Spending their time in city consistently robbing other players) is considered a rule break under FailRP and Trolling. Players will be punished accordingly.

13b. Robbery Roleplay

- To be involved in a bank robbery you must be inside or the near vicinity(10 meters) of the building being robbed. Vicinity starting at the front door. This means that only the people at the robbery can take part in the hostile roleplay initiated, you can no longer have mystery snipers.

- All hostages need to be legitimate! Either by kidnapping them or if they are at the place being robbed. Someone volunteering or accepting payment to be a hostage makes them an illegitimate hostage.

- Only time you can KOS someone at a robbery is if they run into the bank/store with a gun out in a hostile way. If not you must initiate some form of threatening role-play with the people/cops outside.

- Cops will try and negotiate with people at robberies, you will have more than a heads-up before they start shooting, so you may not KOS them until hostile role-play has been stated.

14. OOC Chat

Ooc (out of character chat) is not to be used for arguments, harassment, or derogatory remarks. Be respectful of other players in game. If staff tell you to stop, and you continue, expect to receive a warning/kick/ban depending on the seriousness of the offense. If you have a complaint about someone place it in the player complaint section of the forum.

15. Voice Changers

Unrealistic voice changers (eg. chipmunk voice) are not permitted on our servers. If you are using a voice changer that the staff deem unrealistic (or annoying), you will be warned. If you continue to use the voice changer after being warned, you will be banned from the servers.

16. Toxicity

Any behavior considered to be "toxic" is not permitted on STRP. Toxic behavior includes: bullying, harassment, trolling, creating unnecessary drama, and manipulating or controlling others against other players. Continued toxic behavior will be met with a permanent ban.

  • Please be respectful to other players. We're all entitled to our own opinions but we expect our players to be tolerant when it comes to other players and their situations.

  • We also understand that some players may RP as characters who may come across as "mean" and we're okay with that. Although, this is not an excuse for toxic behavior. There's a fine line between good RP and just being plain mean. Staff will keep this in mind when issuing bans for toxicity.

17. Behaviour Outside of STRP

STRP staff is not responsible for behavior outside of our servers, our forums or Discord. Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to get a clear picture of a situation when we don't have access to complete logs. If someone is harassing, bullying you, etc. outside of the game, block them.

18. Sharing Accounts

Sharing accounts on STRP is not permitted. If someone gains access to your account, we are not responsible for any losses or bans you may incur. STRP accounts sync directly with your Steam account, so keep your Steam details safe.

19. Ban Lengths

We do not have a set length of time for each type of ban. The ban length is completely up to the member of staff who banned you and is often based on a number of factors. Bans can also be reduced OR extended at the discretion of any member of staff.

20. Staff Discretion

Unfortunately, these rules do not cover every single situation. If a situation occurs where STRP or it's players are affected in a negative way, an administrator or higher has the ability to ban you for a reason not listed in the rules. The member of staff who makes use of this "Staff Discretion" policy must provide you with a thorough explanation for the ban and it must be clear that you had a negative impact on the community and/or it's players.

21. SABS Bans

SABS is our automatic banning system. It bans players for gaining an unfair advantage in game through the use of various exploits.

We will not reverse a SABS ban unless one of the following conditions is met:

1) You have a video recording of when you were banned by SABS (at least five minutes leading up to the ban).

2) We just updated SABS and a bug caused you to be banned on accident.

^ Neither of these guarantee that your ban will be lifted. SABS bans must be handled by administrators and developers.

22. Retiring Your Characters

Committing suicide is no longer permitted on STRP. If you'd like to retire your character, there are many other ways to do so. Suicide is a sensitive topic and even though an argument can be made for retiring a character this way, it became much too frequent and it lead to a number of unnecessary player reports (and drama). If you do RP a situation where you retire your character, you are REQUIRED to delete your character (staff will be enforcing this).

23. Redzones: 

  • Redzones are KOS (Kill on sight) zones around the map, if you are inside one of these zones you are able to kill and be killed without initiation from the other party. 
  • Both parties must be within the redzone to be eligible to KOS (Kill on sight).
  • Upon entering a redzone, you are initiating yourself in hostile roleplay. This roleplay continues even after leaving the redzone. 
  • Redzone baiting is not allowed. Stand on the edge of the redzone at your own risk.             (If you idle at the border of a redzone, and get killed by doing so, it will not fall under the RDM rule. Stand close to the edge at your own risk!)
  • You cannot return to the same fight at Turf after you have been downed (Reviving and Respawning). Once respawned or revived, you can however go to a different turf. 
  • If you are killed on Cayo Perico, you cannot return to the island for 30 minutes.
  • All other rules still apply within the redzones excluding RDM (Random Death Match) and NVL (Not Valuing Life).

24. Blacklisted vehicles

  • Do not steal police cars, ambulances, firetrucks, planes, helicopters, construction vehicles, or any military vehicle. Some of these are blacklisted, some are not. If you happen to be able to get into one, this does NOT mean you are allowed to drive, or fly around in them.

  • Using tankers to blow them up during RP situation is not allowed.

25. Scamming

  • Coming to an agreement with another player for a trade/exchange and intentionally not delivering your side of the deal is not allowed.
  • Anything gained from scamming will be removed from the offender.
    Please take into consideration proof needs to be provided for action to be taken and for the missing goods to be returned.
    This only includes deals/exchanges made in the city for in-city assets.

26. TBM

  • Listing a vehicle for a small amount on TBM to avoid tax is at your own risk, which means staff are not responsible for reversing any transactions created like this.


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